Kooth Student reduces the demand on face-to-face services and supports waiting times. Most importantly, it breaks down the barriers to access, including the 'stigma' of reaching out to counselling services.

Out of Hours Counselling from the Comfort of their Homes

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Built on the Platform that's Trusted by 1 in 2 NHS CCGs

The Kooth Student platform has been specifically designed and adapted from XenZone's popular 'Kooth' platform for Children and Young People - currently commisioned by more than half of the NHS CCGs in England and Wales.

Access Anywhere

"We've been impressed with the take-up of Kooth, which shows us how important a digital component to mental health support is. We look forward to working with Kooth to support more students in our care and to seeing a continued positive step change in the way support is sought and delivered."

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Anonymous Online Counselling

and Emotional Wellbeing Support

by their side when they need it most

Deputy Director of Student & Academic Services
Simon Phillips

Out of Hours

No Booking Needed

Wherever a student chooses to study, Kooth provides emotional wellbeing support through any device with an internet connection.

Kooth Student is available 24/7 and counsellors are online until 10pm, allowing students to access counselling outside of traditional office hours.

Kooth Student is there by their side when they need it. Live support is available on demand to address any emotional issues that students face.

Director of Student Services
Priscilla Preston
"Students often seek support out of hours and at weekends and we are delighted to be able to offer this service to our students alongside our campus based face-to-face and online services.”

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Integration with existing services
Kooth Student integrates into existing Student Well-being Services, and works closely with face-to-face services. University counsellors can refer students in to Kooth and similarly, Kooth counsellors can refer to other student well-being or specialist services.

XenZone’s Integration & Participation team work with student  
councils and ambassadors to launch the service and to encourage  awareness, engagement and participation. Universities  also receive a dedicated strategic service lead to ensure  Kooth Student achieves the university’s overarching goals for student mental health and well-being.

Seamless support - both pre and post university
Kooth Student transitions easily from the regular Kooth service which is commissioned by local authorities for children and young people, usually up to the age of 18. After graduation, our online service for adult mental health, Qwell, is freely available to students over 25 if commissioned in their area.

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