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Kooth Student has been piloted by the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol), an institution trailblazing student mental health. At UWE Bristol, Kooth Student has seen almost 5,000 log-ins in its first year, with over 65% of those outside traditional 9am-5pm hours. Of those registering for the service, 22% identified as black or minority ethnic (BME), showing how online services can help typically hard-to-reach groups. 

According to Simon Phillips, Deputy Director of Student & Academic Services (Student Support & Wellbeing) at UWE Bristol, “Digital is a must: young people spend a good deal of their time online and want something flexible and available out of hours, in and out of term-time. Kooth Student offers anonymous year-round support which is imperative for encouraging students to get help from professional therapists without fear of stigma.”

The University of the West of England:   

a Year with Kooth Student

Since its foundation in 2004, Kooth, the online counselling service from XenZone, has helped almost 250,000 young people towards better emotional well-being and mental health.

Today, Kooth is available in over 96 Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) areas (right). We cover one in two CCG areas in England and also offer support across parts of Wales.

There were more than 1,700 log-ins from children and young people every day on Kooth in 2018.

While Kooth focuses on children and young people, Kooth Student has been designed specifically for students, offering support out of hours and in and out of term-time.

Kooth Student offers:

- Counselling 365 days a year until 10pm (mid-day-10pm weekdays & 6pm-10pm weekends)

- 24/7 access to self-help materials, including moderated forums, articles and more

Integration with existing services

Kooth Student integrates into existing Student Well-being Services, and works closely with face-to-face services. University counsellors can refer students in to Kooth and similarly, Kooth counsellors can refer to other student well-being or specialist services.

XenZone’s Integration & Participation team work with student 
councils and ambassadors to launch the service and to encourage
awareness, engagement and participation. Universities 
also receive a dedicated strategic service lead to ensure 
Kooth Student achieves the university’s overarching goals
for student mental health and well-being.

Seamless support pre and post university

Kooth Student transitions easily from the regular Kooth service which is commissioned by local authorities for children and young people, usually up to the age of 18. After graduation, our online service for adult mental health, Qwell, is freely available to students over 25 if commissioned in their area.

XenZone’s case management system securely records counselling notes, records and outcomes and includes the Significant Incident reporting system and risk assessment methodology. Universities receive in-depth, insight-based reporting on both quantitative and qualitative data.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your university’s needs and how we could help transform support for students, please talk to us. Email us at or call 0845 330 7090.

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Out of Hours, Anonymous Online Counselling Offered to Students at Leeds Beckett University

Priscilla Preston, Director of Student Services said, “Students often seek support out of hours and at weekends and we are delighted to be able to offer this service to our students alongside our campus based face-to-face and online services.”

Digital mental health pioneer XenZone has been commissioned by Leeds Beckett University to provide Kooth Student, its free and anonymous online mental health and emotional well-being support service, to its 28,000 students. Kooth Student will provide online evidence-based tools for students to support their mental health, as well as giving them access to experienced counsellors who are available in and out of term-time.

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